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This book will help you develop the financial intelligence you need so that you can make smart financial decisions and take your finances to the next level

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What You'll Discover In This Book

How To Increase Your Income
Make More Money Through Entrepreneurship, Freelancing and Investing.
How To Best Invest Your Money
Which Financial Products to Invest in and Which Ones to Avoid.
How To Intelligently Manage Your Money
How to Budget Efficiently Without Having to Give Up the Things You Love.
How To Use Your Credit Card Wisely
Use Your Credit Card Wisely So That You Avoid the Debt Spiral and Don't End Up Paying Ridiculously High Fees.
How To Benefit From Fintech
Use Costumer-friendly Fintech Services Instead of Costly Traditional Financial Services.

The Complete Financial Intelligence Handbook


The Testimonials

Thanks to this book many people have been able to improve their understanding of financial concepts and are now in a better place to make smart financial decisions. 

Phoebe Parthenoglou, Chef

Worth every cent! This eBook has opened my eyes as to why I have struggled financially in the past and has showed me what mistakes I have made. I am now much clearer on how I will go about managing my finances in the future and am looking forward applying what I have learned in this eBook.

Bella Nitonde, Entrepreneur

Great value for a small price! Not only does the eBook cover all the bases when it comes to personal finance, but Alex also gives you unbiased advice and insight that you otherwise wouldn't get, unless you were close with someone in the financial industry.

Mary Smiley, Yoga Instructor

'Everything You Need To Know About Money - The Complete Financial Intelligence Handbook' does what it says on the tin. It covers all important aspects of how to manage your money and is a great resource to have to help me make smart financial decisions.

Gustav Wagner, Banker

Alex did a great job with this book! He put what he has learned throughout his career in banking into good use by creating a compact personal finance encyclopedia that makes complex financial terms and concepts easy for anyone to understand.

About The Author

Alex Lielacher is an author, an entrepreneur, and personal finance expert.

Alex Lielacher

Alex has worked for several major financial institutions in the City of London and gained experience in the financial markets as a bond trader and salesman. He holds a degree in Investment & Financial Risk Management from Cass Business School, City University London and is the founder of the personal finance education platform 

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